Everyone wants to improve the checkout experience. You want it to be easier, your customers want it to be faster, and American Express wants it to work for everyone.

Beginning April 2018:  You will no longer be required to collect American Express® Card Member signatures at Card-present, point-of-sale transactions.

American Express has already eliminated the need to capture signatures on low-dollar purchases, now they're simply extending it to all American Express Card-present transactions. So not only will this deliver a faster checkout process than before for your customers, it could also reduce the operational expenses associated with retaining signatures.

Once this change takes effect, you can still collect Card Member Signatures, if that makes the most sense for your business. In some cases, a no-signature policy might not be best for your business. The choice is yours.

If you choose to stop requiring signatures, you may need to update your terminal. Check with your terminal provider once the policy goes into effect to get started. After that, checkout will be faster.